"I have had the pleasure of knowing Norma Urban for over ten years and I am always struck how she instills in each of her watercolor renderings the warmth and sincerity of her personality. Her ability to capture the unique quality of someone’s home, and paint it completely by hand without the use of computer assisted technology, gives each painting that special feel.

Trained as a fine artist Norma’s color palette always seems to reproduce the true sense of the place she is painting whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall. The details she chooses to include infuses each piece with that seemingly magic feel that creates a lasting memory of a treasured place."

Robert Bendt
CURATOR, Blanche Ames
National Art Exhibition

Artchitecturals was created in 1993 by Norma Urban.  Her beautifully detailed renderings have been delighting people throughout the USA.

Norma received a degree in art from Mount Ida College, continued studies at Bridgeport University and Rhode Island School of Design.  She had been employed as a graphic artist for over twenty years.

These works make great gifts for weddings, immortalizing the couples' reception hall, place where they met, their new home, or even the home they left behind.

Builders use Norma's skills to enhance their portfolios and realtors use them for house portraits as a gift for a buyer or seller.

Norma's artwork can be just the right birthday gift for the person who has everything - for anniversaries, house warmings, showers, holiday gifts or just because you love someone.